Monday, 10 February 2014

happy weekend ! CHILLING with friends..

hye peeps ..
so i would like to share my weekend story ..
so i have a great last weekend.. chilling with my friends .. together relaxing release our tension..
it so GREAT DAY .. wondering if i can through all of my day like yesterday its might be awesome..
so semalam kita orang lepak kat DESARU .. little bit kinda JAKUN la.. its my first time been there .. hhahaha xD
 first time chilling right next beach with my friends kan.. semua jadi giler.. yang join trip kali ni is EMY , DIERA , ME and GHAZI ..
This day is the BEST moment i ever had with them.. its my SWEET memory as long as i still stay in johor bahru ..
this MAMAT is our model for the whole day yesterday .. 
he kinda sporting yesterday .. seems that he happy and got so much FUN yesterday ..

a lot of GELAK KETAWE and BE like CRAZY PERSON .. maybe thats how we release our TENSION and also STRESS .. i never realize that actually im kinda like that CRAZY .. ahahha :))
i never be that CRAZY just because i wanna release my STRESS cause of work .. but yesterday im like ' kena SAMPUK macam orang gila tak pernah jumpa PANTAI ' .. all of us be most CRAZIER PERSON.. well .. a lot of thing we need to think .. out of blue release TENSION like this make me happy too .. feel the satisfaction ... 

i dont know why this picture too formal .. like we r GANGSTERS .. 
that girl with the cap meet that is DIERA 
the small one is me 
the big one is GHAZI 

we not to close .. but when we meet we loose our control 'macam orang gila' .. jadi HYPERACTIV .. GHAZI always be the driver .. DIERA always be the MAP .. ( she always be the PLANNER ) .. and ME , im always ok with it ..

this MACHA is EMY ...
like i said model of the whole day.. my camere full of his picture.. A LOT OF HIS PICTURE ..

this one i called as 'MENGHAPUS JEJAKKU ' 
i take from PETERPAN song .. 

so this picture i dont know actually whats the point .. 
ade ape kat air too pon im not sure..
ape yang kita orang pandang pon im not sure .. xD

ade macam mopdel tak kita orang .. 
for your information im fat and im small.. 
the most smallest one between others is me ..
and they called me as BODY BUILDER  cause im TOUGH enough .. 
thanxx so much AKIM .. 
now they call me as TOUGH .. 

i dont know why this girl so JAKUN too touch that water .. ahhaha xD
and i dont know why EMY is running .. he chase the monkey maybe.. ahhaha xD
they bullying me .. 
OMG sunburn ma ...
once again .. 
they dont want too help me to get out from that sand..
how could them..
EMY pijak kaki aku .. T.T
i love this picture so much .. 
its CANDID .. 
credit too DIERA .. 
aku tanam ko dalam-ii dengan mampat .. 
serve on u ..
tryin too get out from there ..
aku pijak dia tak bagi keluar dari situ .. 
BERAT X ??? ahhhaa xD
peace yo ..
nothing hurts me ..
im safe .. ^^

so thats all for my happy weekend story .. this the last time we are hanging out together .. after this im going back too work.. and more busy too find new job .. EMY  after this going back to his college for new sem ... he got holiday for 3 weeks .. this week his last week at aliasofiah .. he said after this he cannot join us .. sebab after this dia 'kena practical' so 80% maybe we will never too see him again .. 20% maybe we will see but only on instagram .. ahahha xD ... GHAZI also same .. EMY and him on the same collage.. so no wonder la after this no more CHILLING ... 
so im walking through the beach .. and im thinking ..
eventhough for today im smile , laughing , joking , chilling with friends ..
its doesn't seem that im happy always ..
im smile cause TODAY my day was better than yesterday..
and im laughing cause i dont know if tomorrow my day full off happiness or not ..
this is LIFE ..